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I have been using VueScan for about two years, originally on a Mac and then migrated to a Win7 PC. There are a number of ‘big’ changes since that date. I’d start at the beginning, but a lot of people have done that already. So I’ll only mention the changes that affect me.

VueScan connects well to my Epson V500, and the driver that Hamrick provides does work well with VueScan. I have previously used the ‘Linux drivers’ that the Hams have (and they were excellent as well). Nowadays, the software is much easier to use, and has a much cleaner UI.

The latest VueScan Serial Key has several new features. The most important is support for the new company hemerax. These pictures are, like Fujitsu’s, large format pictures, but unlike the Fujitsu they are not in portrait format. For these we have had to change the software’s settings so that it uses larger scan frames than we need for A4. ( Click for full sized image of the scan .)

There are also several other improvements, including a new and fully automated calibration, a larger cache and more robust handling of large scans. The latter makes it possible to scan large pictures, that would otherwise cause problems, such as these:

VueScan 4 is a major release with many new features and fixes. The VueScan 4 website ( has more information, as well as additional info on downloading VueScan 4 (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

VueScan 8 is a major release with many new features and fixes. The VueScan 8 website ( has more information, as well as additional info on downloading VueScan 8 (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

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With VueScan 5, Epson has rolled all of Vuescan’s features into a much more powerful and comprehensive piece of software. Vuescan, while excellent, is always suffering from its own limitations. Even with the basic settings, Vuescan performs well for scanning very large negatives and glass plate negatives, with good image quality and reasonable scan times (10min and up). Vuescan is simply just limited by the size of its scan window and the amount of RAM on your computer. The ability to use a full-frame input window for the scanner’s glass, and the ability to scan multiple frames without having to readjust the paper path for each scan are both features that VueScan can’t do. So, on most occasions, you’ll have to manually feed the scanner after scanning.

With VueScan 5, all this was addressed. Epson now has a full frame scan window that can scale with the scanner’s glass, so you can scan a large negative, a sheet of transparency or a large glass plate, or even multiple frames at once without having to swap paper.

The following setup configuration was used for scanning the following test prints. The negatives were scanned using six VueScans, three were Nikon SB-5000 (Noldenok NF-5, copy: Sringer, speed:4) and three were Epson Perfection V500 Dot Matrix (copy: Fujifilm, speed:25, Kodak NRET). The prints were scanned by a HP Photosmart C4580 (a five year old model).

Most of this time, the software has been developed for the Epson Perfection V600 series. I have no idea whether the Software supports the Perfection V500 or Perfection V500 Dot Matrix. There should be a Windows 7 version for the V500, but I haven’t been able to get the VueScan software to install for a while now.

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What is VueScan good for?

I use vueScan to scan old slides (that came in from a scanner). It has a really good thumbnailing method and is very fast. My scanner is a slide scanner and it’s a pain setting it up. The user manual is pretty good and vueScan is nice to be able to use the output as templates for other scans. However, it’s not always perfect and it does have a bunch of bugs. There are also some missing options.

VueScan is an excellent software for scanning your photos as well as slides and it’s also very stable.
I used this software to convert my scanned negatives to digital with a life time one time purchase license. I am very satisfied with the conversion quality. I can use my scanned photos for printing as is or edit them to fit my needs. This way, I can save money on paper and ink.
VueScan is a very powerful and reliable software.
There is also an extensive list of bug fixes and enhancements for this software which is a quality service compared with other programs.
Moreover, for about $220, you get one of the best digital scanner software for your photo and slide collection.

VueScan is a very powerful tool for those who scan slides. It is stable and easy to use, with a well-organized interface. Its color management options are good, though you should test each of its settings to see how it will work with your scans.

I find SilverFast easier to use and with more options than VueScan. There’s a lot to Vuescan’s color though, and you can correct for brightness, gamma, and contrast. If you prefer the VueScan style then you can use the Color tool to set up Vuescan-style profiles. Unlike the other similar standalone applications, Vuescan can be used as a batch processor, and it comes with a free version of the batch processor, FleaBatch.

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VueScan System Requirements

VueScan System Requirements

  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8 or Mac OSX 10.0 or later
  • SP 2 or later
  • A scanner with a resolution of at least 600 dots per inch (dpi). It will work with 600 dpi, but the image will look “blocky”.
  • Canon EOS 700D or later (450D or later)
  • Compatible with Canon EOS software version 2.0 or later
  • Canon EOS Utility version 3.0 or later

VueScan Features

VueScan Features

  • Capture images of up to 100 sheets
  • Configurable feature sets for different technologies, e.g., CMYK vs. RGB, low-pass filter, detailed look and feel
  • Grayscale, CMYK/RGB, Bitmap, DPI, and label editing
  • The option to slice the output file size to save storage space
  • One-click conversion to TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PDF, and to extract elements
  • Create scanned PDF files with designated layouts
  • Process images in batches

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