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New version VariCAD 2019-1.0 has been released. This version contains finished revision of mechanical parts libraries. Dialog panels are all more legible. In addition to extensions of library part data, user interface offers new advanced features. You can pre-select dimensions of library parts, right-click an existing solid inserted from libraries and change it, or perform multiple changes for set of selected library parts selection can be done both in 3D space or in assembly tree scheme. In addition, you can insert exploded parts, dimensions of which can be saved into a text file for further processing.
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You can create 3D CAD entities, solve equations and create geometry in blocks, faceted geometry, and by using solids. Most blocks are made up of elements like faces, edges, vertices, etc. You can define bonds, surfaces, set materials for solids and even use smart geometry in VariCAD. Even simpler, you can create simple relations and define objects in your programs without using solids. In VariCAD, you can create models based on objects of your choice. You can even define a pose to hold the model.
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VariCAD Portable can also create developed (unbent) surfaces of 3D solids or sheet metal parts. The XY coordinates of developed surfaces can be saved into a text file for further processing. You can input bending coefficients in order to customize your calculations, to reflect material and technology.
Mechanical Part and Symbol Libraries VariCAD contains libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), such as bolts, nuts, pins, plugs, cotters, gaskets, bearings, rolled and drawn shapes, and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical symbols.

New version of VariCAD Portable 2016-4.2.2. It’s fully compatible with Windows 10, includes a more convenient conversion of SHX files to STEP and STEP to SHX. New version has improved support for crack creation and segment export. The user can save duplicate definitions of selection boxes and hierarchical parts into external files.

This version contains substantial changes in updates of 2D drawings after 3D changes. In 2D, creation of axes is rebuilt. For batch printing, there are new options related to printed formats. In sketching, you can easily remove original outlines if the sketching plane is selected at a solid. There is a convenient method to create or edit a geometry of 3D sections. In 3D view control, you have multiple options of selection of view perpendicularly to plane. In 3D modeling, you can easily define a cutting solid.
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VariCAD 2022 v2.03 Description

VariCAD 2022 v2.03 Description

Program updated with latest technologies, including C# language support, Crystal Reports, Variable Speed Drivers (VS), Variable Speed Chains (VSC), Variable Speed Catapults (VSC), variable speed cylinders (VS-cylinders), jsk animation and jsk physics support. Now you can output jsk animation, physics and off-line rendering meshes to a single file (CSV with tens of thousands of rows) in one step. All Varicad tasks can be run in a new interactive window mode, including creating drawings, editing parts and assemblies, previewing or modifying drawings.
You can import any files as VariCAD parts, including jsk physics body, solids and meshes; you can also create parts from any form of geometry. Parts, sub-assemblies, assemblies are placed in local and global coordinate systems based on the view, which has been improved significantly. Components of 3D drawing, such as lines, circles, cross-sections, etc. can be freely edited with any CAD algorithm. Usability of VariCAD applications with GUI is much better than before. And check out our new videos of VariCAD 2019-2. Or visit VariCAD channel and select playlist named 2019-02.

VariCAD’s standard sheet metal development has been upgraded. It is now possible to see and edit the elements of freehand drawing before saving, which makes sheet metal development quick and easy.

In previous version VariCAD, the lathe was planned for unification and simplification. However, there were many things that had to be changed, like: general settings, types of tools, number of ways, correspondence between tools and cutting faces and data files. Now everything has been updated to the most current level.

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What’s new in VariCAD 2022 v2.03

What's new in VariCAD 2022 v2.03

  • User interface, work management, tools, and data importation improved;
  • MD 201 file export method added;
  • New documentation;
  • MD 201 file read-in support;
  • Support for 3D drawings created with the visual 3D tool;

VariCAD 2022 v2.03 System Requirements

  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • OS: Window 7, 8 or 10
  • RAM: 2.6 GB
  • Free disc: 5 GB

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