Symantec Endpoint Protection Download Free Last Release

Symantec Endpoint Protection Download Free Last Release

We think our best defense is a prevention and detection and response integrated approach that lets you apply instant risk management to your endpoints and to your entire enterprise. The architecture of Symantec Endpoint Protection gives you deeper insight into what your systems are doing and lets you respond faster to address new risks and threats.

Traditionally, many security technologies focus on preventing or blocking attacks before they arrive at an endpoint. Once an attack has occurred, a security system may begin to alert you to the attack. You’ll need to use other tools to discover what has happened and understand how to mitigate the effects.

By Threat Intelligence and Advanced Threat Protection we typically mean the combination of information about new malicious code being developed in the cyber realm and the processes that you can apply to your organization to be more proactive about it. What we mean by threat intelligence is applying information about malicious code from a wide variety of sources and a process that produces a clear, actionable report of information about what’s happening.

Furthermore, SESC Safe Lock covers platforms whose built-in locks are too impotent to offer protection against sophisticated exploitation. Its able to do this by locking the endpoint, preventing attacks from compromising the devices and ultimately gaining access to its valuable data.

In addition, SESC 11.2 offers several new capabilities, including the ability to scan for and ban corporate native mobile devices running on iOS or Android. This dramatically improves endpoint security by reducing the overall attack surface. Equally as importantly, SESC is now able to blacklist an entire range of mobile devices through its UEFI-based whitelist controls.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection helps you stay current with the latest protection features and content updates, including:

  • Improved threat protection
  • Improved web browser protection
  • Improved integration of Symantec’s AntiVirus Enterprise
  • Protection for mobile devices

In addition, Symantec Endpoint Protection provides patent-pending protection for:

  • IPsec network traffic
  • Hardware and software virtualization
  • Virtual desktops

Finally, Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages its extensive security and anti-malware expertise to provide unparalleled threat protection without interfering with desktop productivity or the performance of your business-critical applications. The most comprehensive and powerful cloud-based endpoint management solution on the market, Symantec Endpoint Protection provides a secure “extended computer,” with features such as protection against zero-day threats, mobile device management, and network threat protection. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides a robust layer of protection that works with existing security platforms to safeguard against cyber threats.

SEP installs quickly and easily, giving you a complete understanding of your existing network vulnerabilities within minutes. SEP preconfigures a small number of user-selectable settings, so you can quickly deploy the product. With Symantecs enterprise-level reliability and 100% U.S.-based support, you can rest assured that your organization is protected from known and unknown threats.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

Patched Symantec Endpoint Protection Version helped us in protecting our network against viruses and malware. We recently tried Norton Antivirus after the sale of our Symantec product. This product can successfully detect malware and virus on the desktop.

For performance: Symantec Endpoint Protection can be configured and deployed in three ways:

  • Via the traditional mobile device management (MDM) or via the browser-based client.
  • Via native Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client on the mobile device or via the mobile browser.
  • Via a thin client on the mobile device (SEP Lite). This client does not have the many features of the standard SEP client but can be used if deployment is not feasible.

The security features provided by Symantec Endpoint Protection help protect against malware, spam, phishing, and other cyber-security threats. The following features are available for email, web, and mobile devices.

The Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) feature analyzes and classifies file types to protect corporate data, yet does not impact the user’s device or network. This is achieved by analyzing files in transit (e.g., using file-system filters).

With Symantec Endpoint Protection Application Control, you can identify and block Android, web browsers, and other applications that are not legitimate. You can also identify and block mobile applications by inspecting URL requests. This provides a greater level of security, while also allowing users to access critical productivity applications on mobile devices.

The Exploit Prevention feature can help organizations by both preventing attacks and providing early detection. Attackers usually need to have control of a device and targeted user before they can exploit a system, and Symantec Endpoint Protection’s out-of-the-box access controls help mitigate this threat. However, if an exploit is successful, Symantec Endpoint Protection can detect and react to exploit attempts in real-time.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection System Requirements

  • Must be running as a service
  • Must be running at a minimum on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008
  • Must be configured for safe or supervised execution
  • Must be approved by Extended Endpoint Protection customer support
  • Cannot be run in memory protection
  • Cannot be disabled
  • Cannot be modified while the Symantec Endpoint Protection service is running
  • Must run as a user account
  • Must be under the same user account as the Symantec Endpoint Protection service
  • Cannot run as a non-standard user account
  • Cannot run as a System account
  • Cannot run as SYSTEM account
  • Cannot run as NT AUTHORITY\LocalService account
  • Must be configured for the specified endpoint
  • Must be installed on the same host as the endpoint

Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

Symantec Endpoint Protection Features

  • Content filtering: blocks malware, viruses, other malicious content, sites, and downloads
  • Application Control: controls which applications can be installed on your PCs
  • Device Control: allows you to configure settings for multiple endpoints
  • Network Threat Protection: blocks suspicious websites, gives you security updates, and patches critical flaws in browsers
  • Usage Protection: restricts the apps, files, and websites you can use, based on your location and usage habits
  • Web Reputation: recommends websites you visit and services you use to enhance your online security
  • Firewall: protects your PCs against network attacks
  • Threat Prevention: identifies and blocks threats

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