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SoftMaker Office 2021 is a fast, simple to use and affordable alternative to Microsoft Office that is ideal for small businesses. Features include built-in templates that enable you to create more professional looking documents with a variety of predefined backgrounds. SoftMaker Office also provides access to Microsoft Office files and provides a variety of security and privacy options that are not available in Microsoft Office.

SoftMaker Office 2021 has more than 240 group-policy objects that enable you to easily manage documents and templates for different workflows. You can also add apps like Notepad, Paint, Image Viewer, Google Earth, PDF Viewer, etc. To do so, go to the task pane, choose the app, set its features, name it, and add it to the toolbar. For advanced users, you can also customize the toolbar using a user interface. Now, you can set up a task-bar with more than 60 functions and use SoftMaker Office Standard as your default office program. You can also set a menu with an icon in your task bar, and use SoftMaker Office Professional as your default office program. If the icon on your menu bar is missing, you can still use it by pressing Control+Shift+Space on your keyboard. This causes the menu bar to pop up and is a shortcut to the most common functions and settings in SoftMaker Office 2021.

If you need to import Microsoft Office documents, you can use the SoftMaker Office 2021 app for Google Chrome. Once installed, you can access SoftMaker Office files from Google drive directly. In other words, the Google Chrome SoftMaker Office 2021 extension can be used as a native app for importing or exporting Office files on Google Drive. Since Google Drive does not have a file format for storing Microsoft Office files, you need to convert them to Google-supported formats. For example, you need to convert Microsoft Office files to Google docx format if you use Google Documents to edit your office documents.

SoftMaker Office Professional Download

So, I decided to take a very close look at SoftMaker Office Professional to see what SoftMaker Office is all about. First, I did some benchmarks on my Acer EA2711 laptop which runs MS Windows 10. I compared the startup times for SoftMaker Office Professional to LibreOffice. I also tested the startup times for the track-changes function on SoftMaker Office Professional Cracked and LibreOffice.

There are a number of reasons why I couldnt get SoftMaker Office Professional to install. One of them is the fact that it wants to overwrite the existing SoftMaker Office. Unfortunately, my MS Windows 10 systems cant do that; if you have a separate partition to install software, you have to create a bootable flash drive or installer disk for the software so it will run from that partition. The only version of SoftMaker Office that will run on my laptop is the Desktop version. This software is also incompatible with MS Windows 7.

SoftMaker Office is  SoftMaker Office Professional 2020 Edition . With it, youll get extensive support for DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX files, as well as the ability to create new files with new functionality. For instance, it allows users to use the text composition tool to add hyperlinks to important text.

OfficeSuite for Windows includes the free PDFMaker 3.0. PDFMaker allows you to create, edit, and secure high-quality PDF documents. Plus, it automatically converts DOC files, which can then be opened with Word.

OfficeSuite for Android includes the free EPUBMaker 1.2. EPUBMaker allows you to create, edit, and secure EPUB documents. Plus, it automatically converts DOC and DOCX files, which can then be read on mobile devices.

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SoftMaker Office Professional Review

SoftMaker Office Professional Review

SoftMaker PlanMaker offers a flexible spreadsheet tool with about the same features as most other spreadsheet programs. The features are easy to use and most common features are self-explanatory. For example, click the top right icon and choose a cell to enter formula information. The Cell button remains in the top right corner as you move through the worksheet. The Access Database Browser tool lets you create tables, insert images, and change cell properties. Macros are easy to use with table-dependent code that can run any number of times. You can also import Microsoft.xlsx and.xlsm files. You can export in CSV and XLSX formats for easy import to other spreadsheet programs, such as LibreOffice and Corel WordPerfect. A Slide deck feature lets you create slideshows with photos, frames, animations, and motion paths. You can also assign slides to a slide show and specify a start and end time. The PlanMaker app also lets you create databases. You can assign different data types to cells, such as text, numbers, dates, and dropdown menus.

SoftMaker Office 2021 improves on all these areas. First of all, even though FormulaDesigner is a rebranded version of MathType, some say that it works much better. If you are already familiar with that program, or if you download it for yourself, youll find it even easier to use. Theres also the option to share the formula text with other users, and where msnger changes of x’s and o’s are drawn in the margin, there are lines and boxes you can check to see what youve made. SoftMaker Office 2021s track-changes makes it much easier to view changes youve made to your document since you last viewed it, and it even marks those changes so you can quickly revert your changes. Its also easier to copy and paste from other programs, and to cut and paste in SoftMaker Office 2021.

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What’s new in SoftMaker Office Professional

What's new in SoftMaker Office Professional

  • Clipboard Tool
  • PDF Reader Tool
  • Closed Document Tool
  • Presentation Tool
  • Full formatting and printing
  • Support for HTML editor by iThoughts Web Designer
  • Document comparison
  • Merge and split
  • Math equations
  • Underline and strikethrough
  • New: Software tool for making Universal Links
  • Two Localization tools: L10n UI Toggle Tool and L10n Emails
  • New Project Wizard tool
  • COPY & PASTE button tool

SoftMaker Office Professional System Requirements

  • High-end 16 GB RAM
  • 3 GHz or higher multi-core processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or higher
  • 1 GB of VRAM for each monitor

SoftMaker Office Professional Full Version Serial Number

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SoftMaker Office Professional Registration Serial Code

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