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It gives you 3 transfer options for iOS to Android and Android to iOS: 1:1 clone, settings migration, files or folders migration. It can also merge data from multiple phones to one, and you can manage the backup on PC via hotkey and USB. Lastly, it can restore an iPad iOS/iPadOS backup to your iPhone/iPad, or restore an Android backup to iPhone/iPad. PhoneTrans is a convenient and handy tool to migrate everything straightly and easily.

Clone data from iPhone to Android or vice versa, transferring data or settings among different devices is now not that time-consuming. Simply drag and drop files and folders into PhoneTrans to complete the transfer, and PhoneTrans will clone everything automatically without any problem and instantly. It can also be used to reverse the process of migration, such as restore the data from your Android phone to the iPhone, and move data from an Android phone to an iPhone one.

Merge data from your multiple devices to one. You can simply drag and drop data into PhoneTrans, and the data on the current device will be merged into the target one. With PhoneTrans, you can make migration between different Android and iPhone mobile phones. You can even move the Android backup of a different number back to your iPhone, and the data from your iPhone can be restored to your Android device. The experience is more than easy and convenient.

PhoneTrans Crack is a unique application for the complete migration of your data across the wide range of mobile devices. This tool offers a perfect way to migrate your data from iOS and Android devices. It facilitates three methods to access the data, three flavors of device scans, and three data transfers. It is extremely easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

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PhoneTrans supports almost all the smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android operating system, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, HTC, Nexus, etc. For the best performance, try to transfer a few files or folders on a new phone, if the same process fails on your source device, your data will be lost, so remember to do a backup first!

And unlike other commercial apps that charge an amount of money, PhoneTrans is absolutely FREE! There is no requirement to register, try it now, and you will instantly transfer files to iOS and Android devices, no matter they are iOS or Android phones, with a few clicks. Just try it out now, and youll see that its extremely easy to use.

PhoneTrans Pro Full Crack With Key From Phone to Phone, Transfer as You Like. PhoneTrans bridges the gap, and makes it one-click easy to migrate everything you need freely across iOS and Android phones & tablets, in any way you want. PhoneTrans offers 3 device-to-device migration options for you to transfer data directly from phone to phone.

The limitation of PhoneTrans is, since this software can only transfer data from phone to phone, it cannot be used to back up and restore data. If you are looking for such function, try Updata Pro , which is the best iOS data transfer tool. It can back up your iOS device, restore it from iTunes backup, and restore it to new device quickly and automatically.

1.1.1. PhoneTrans Pro Crack & License Key:
PhoneTrans Pro is a multifunctional data migration tool of iOS and Android. This program links the gap between two phones or tablets to transfer data and even move data between two operating systems like iOS and Android.PhoneTrans can as well be a backup software. It transfers data from one phone to another one in only one click.You can also move the application via Wi-Fi and/or 3G. This software also helps users to backup or restore their data, etc. The entire data is stored and organized on your Mac computer. You can also add your favorite apps to the main screen of PhoneTrans 5.

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PhoneTrans Pro Description

PhoneTrans Pro Description

PhoneTrans has 3 features for you to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod backup files. 1. Transfer Backup File from iPhone to another iOS mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod, etc. 2. Transfer Backup File from iOS to another iOS mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod, etc. 3. Transfer Backup File from iOS to another Android mobile devices, such as Tablet, Phone, etc.

Also, with dual-device backup, you can clone and backup two phones at once and have them in one Backup File. PhoneTrans is not only a great backup tool, but also a useful tool to clone phone content. For example, if you want to back up your primary phone and backup one of your friends phone for downloading movies, PhoneTrans can help you do that for no cost. Your data will be protected and you will not lose any data on your own iPhone.

PhoneTrans can clone your iPhone device to an Android phone or device. In addition, users can also use PhoneTrans in Android for Android mobile devices. It allows you to easily backup the contents of your iPhone or Android device directly to your PC.

✓ Back Up App Data Like Contacts, Notes, Music, Videos, and More PhoneTrans lets you save all the app data to the backup file in a clear way. And the app data includes contacts, notes, music, videos, WhatsApp, and more. Thus, you can easily restore or move them to your new iPhone/iPad.

Do you know what PhoneTrans Portable does while backing up a single file? Do you know the backup is usually finished faster? Youd better not miss this great chance to compare them. So, I invite you to free download PhoneTrans Portable and Download PhoneTrans Pro Crack right now to try one by yourself.

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PhoneTrans Pro System Requirements

PhoneTrans Pro System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 /8.1 /10.0
  • Android 4.4 and above

PhoneTrans Pro Features

  • Download Apps and Data from your previous iPhone/iPad/Android device
  • Move Apps and Data to your new iPhone/iPad
  • Transfer WhatsApp chats of 5GB and above
  • Review and Export WhatsApp message history
  • Export Contacts of all types to local device
  • Remove all the Apps and their Data from previous iPhone
  • Export Contacts with the custom data
  • Support all the iOS version iPhone 5, 5S and 6, iPads(all generations) and latest Android devices

PhoneTrans Pro Pro Version Number

  • IY0TW-EGIMO-L15A7-4JGDJ-R7T3Q-2667C
  • RHR4HSQ5SZ09X166W42OB9F4TVB72K

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