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Customers using the Microsoft 365 Business Essentials, Business, and Business Premium can now define a new Office 365 calendar named Define Office, which will act as a second calendar with a different user (owner) and a unique set of permissions than the customer’s primary calendar. For example, if a user named MySales has a Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan, then when they create a new appointment, it will be created on both Define Office and MySales calendar. If the Define Office is removed or if MySales calendar is removed, then the appointment will be removed from the Define Office calendar but not the MySales calendar.

The Define Office calendar can be configured to display as a single calendar or be displayed on its own on a calendar tab on a user’s Office 365 and/or Dynamics 365 Sales instance. The Define Office calendar cannot be used as the user’s main calendar and cannot be used to automatically forward appointments.

You can manage the Define Office calendar through the Calendar app and the Calendar settings for a user in Dynamics 365 Sales. Users will see a new Define Office option when creating a new appointment and and it can be removed the same way as other calendars by selecting Calendar settings and then the Calendar tab on the settings page and then selecting the Define Office calendar you wish to remove. User messages and actions can be mapped to the calendar and any changes made there will be synced to a primary calendar on the same user account.

When assigning the Define Office calendar, the user will not be able to receive email notifications for new events in the Define Office calendar. Other calendar properties, such as the day view, time zone, etc., are applied to the Define Office calendar. However, the appointment responses and responses from users will be sent to the user’s primary calendar. This lets users manage the primary calendar permissions, and this primary calendar can be managed as well.

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Microsoft Surface management has been enhanced with the ability to view, configure and power on the power button of Surface devices. You can find Surface policies in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center by selecting Apps > Surface > Policies > Create policy > Surface management. For more information about Microsoft Surface, see Microsoft Surface management in Microsoft Intune.

Note: This addition to Windows 10 1903 is applicable to devices enrolled in Azure Active Directory (AAD). AAD is a Microsoft Graph-enabled directory that enables apps to easily access users’ account and device information such as account name, Microsoft Account information, device usage information, and device information. You can add AAD auth provider in Intune by creating custom policies based on AAD compliance settings . For more information about Azure Active Directory (AAD), see Manage Azure Active Directory (AAD) and use app policies in Intune.

You can view and manage the approval state and status of OAuth redirect URI tokens in Microsoft Graph that you can store on Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts for domain-joined device management solutions. These OAuth tokens can be used to securely request tokens from Microsoft Graph for C2S and webhook calls to other apps or Azure Service. You can find the OAuth approval settings in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center by selecting Apps > Azure Active Directory > App approvals. For more information about Azure Active Directory (AAD), see Configure Azure Active Directory (AAD) in Intune.

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2021 Review

Microsoft Office Outlook 2021 Review

With Office 365, you can install a desktop Office package on any Windows device — including laptops, tablets and smartphones — and have it all work seamlessly. If your job calls for on-premises software, Office 365 gives you a way to keep your documents and emails secure and safely stashed in the cloud, while still letting you access them from anywhere. And if youre a PC user who doesnt want or need a subscription, Office 365 gives you a way to safely install and use the desktop apps you already own. The Office 365 subscription costs $1 less per month than a Microsoft 365 subscription, which offers the same software and security features but in a subscription instead of a one-time purchase. There are some Office 365 add-ons that you must pay for, but most of them are optional.

Its main strength is its customizable appearance. It lets you change dozens of elements in the GUI — colors, fonts, buttons, borders, gridlines, watermarks, etc. — to your exact preferences. This feature alone makes it much more flexible and customizable than the competition. Even the simplest of documents can look good in Office. And speaking of simple, Office can import and export documents in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and the newest file format, DOCX. The add-on Word Viewer is a handy utility that lets you open DOCX files in Office.

Office 365 has a limited option for users who want to install the desktop apps on their own devices. You can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher on any Windows devices, but you need to pay separately for each app. If you want to use Office 365 on any compatible device, you need to buy it. If you want to use Office 365 on a PC but install the desktop apps on a laptop or tablet, you need to buy Office for both. For Mac and Linux users, Office 365 still requires the use of the online desktop app, but the online apps have been updated to use web standards, so everything works across platforms. And if you do install the desktop apps, you can also install the desktop apps on a Surface tablet and use them on your desktop or laptop.

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2021 System Requirements

Microsoft Office Outlook 2021 System Requirements

  • Office 365 subscription is required for access to features like Office on Mac and OneDrive for Business. For Office 365 features, refer to the Office 365 System Requirements guide.

  • Multiple users can connect to the same account on your Office 365 subscription; however, users must have separate Office accounts.

  • Must be located in the United States.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2021 Features

  • Help
  • Feeds
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Inspector
  • Power Query
  • Power Map
  • Task Tracking
  • Contact List
  • Domain

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