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For example, the survey tool or technical resources that you use to communicate with clients, customers and patients can include training materials, help documents, and other materials that you can share with people via email. If they were paying you for training, they would use your emailed materials to comply with client requirements. If they were not paying you, its a good free benefit for them. It also provides you with a way to document what youve shared, if desired.

To receive email notifications of BDE Manual changes, subscribe through the free subscription service. Click on the link below and send the blank email that pops up. (Do not add anything to the subject line or to the body of the email). Directions for unsubscribing are included within each email notification.

The Premium Pack combines advanced HTML functions and professional layout in a single package. In addition to slick layout with tabbed navigation and non-scrolling headers, you also get dynamic sortable tables, index search, advanced draggable and resizable JavaScript popups, a dropdown navigation menu for topics (click to scroll to headings in the topic), a mail feedback button and more.

A patient (or a witness) can record a sworn statement. The witness can be a customer or another health-care professional involved in the encounter. The statement can be recorded over the phone or via text or email, and then save it.

Other role-specific user manuals are available within Resources for Jurisdictions, Clinics and Organizations. If you have questions about specific tasks in VAMS that are relevant to your role or other roles at your clinic, quick reference guides are also available on this page.

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The Recipient Management tab contains a list of the recipients who have been added in VAMS. This list includes key information that will help you keep track of how many doses each recipient has received as well as the date they are eligible to receive their next dose (if applicable). You can use this tab to track recipient next-dose eligibility outside the recipient record.

Most users have 24-hour access to smartphones, computers, or tablets, and theyre used to finding anything they want to know whenever they want to know it. Putting user resources online gives them access wherever they may be, meaning they dont have to go searching through drawers or file cabinets to find a user manual they havent seen in years.

The Credential tab contains information about your log-in credentials used to access VAMS. If you would like to share your log-in credentials with other users, please refer to the Sharing Log-In Credentials page. Additional help with secure saving of log-in credentials is available on the Help Manual Professional Security feature page.

This section of the Help Manual describes how the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – Office of Field Operations (OFO) is using VAMS. You will need to create both the Immunization and the Employer mail recipients (If you do not already have a Mail Recipient called Employer in VAMS, then you will need to go to User Interface and click on Create Mail Recipient.

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What is Help Manual Professional

What is Help Manual Professional

Note: You can use this system to track vaccine appointments of any type, including vaccine appointments for infants/children, recipients as well as vaccine appointments for clients (such as students). Some types of vaccine appointments can be recorded without a Questionnaire, such as at immunization clinics. Healthcare professionals are required to complete and submit a Pre-vaccination Questionnaire for each appointment before administration of vaccines or test specimen. You can click Edit Responsesto make changes to individual recipients.

Vaccines can help prevent disease and protect the recipient from serious illness or death. Healthcare professionals have the responsibility to help recipients understand the importance of vaccines and recommend vaccines to protect recipients when appropriate. To keep recipients safe during this time, healthcare professionals can administer vaccines and other routine or pre-screening testing as part of routine clinic visits. Healthcare professionals can contact recipients to remind them of their appointments, complete pre-vaccination questionnaires and administer vaccines and tests as appropriate. The Responsible Healthcare Professional Resource Center (RO RHCRC) web page provides information about the rights and responsibilities of health care professionals with respect to the administration of vaccines, including certificates of waiver.

If a vaccine is needed and is scheduled for later in the day, healthcare professionals should always ensure that they have enough vaccine in stock for all recipients, up-to-date vaccination records, and their transport and immunization supplies.

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Help Manual Professional Features

Help Manual Professional Features

  • Ability to accept or reject changes made to the vaccine recipient’s Pre-vaccination Questionnaire on the vaccine recipient’s health record.
  • Provides the data file with all recipients’ vaccine history that was sent to the vaccine repository
  • Send the vaccine recipient’s Pre-vaccination Questionnaire and data file when the vaccine repository processes a vaccination record
  • Hears any and all messages sent to the vaccine recipient that are related to the vaccine recipient’s submission
  • Provides the ability to get updates about vaccine repository developments
  • Access the Help Manual Professional for access to the full features.

What’s new in Help Manual Professional

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